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Engineered & Produced by: Marko Vuckovic
Mixed by: Linus Corneliusson
Mastered by: Jens Bogren
Fascination Street Studios, Sweden

Soul for Sale

“Good evening, my liege, let me ask you one thing: Since you have already bought everything, my health, my dignity, my sane mind, what’s the price tag on my soul, you piece of…”

If you go to New York city
You will see – the magic Time square
You will feel the city fever
Western world have a lot to share

So many things – waiting – for you – to get
Things that money can buy
And above all – you are – confused – you sweat
Feeling strong and kind of shy

But some things – are only dreams
Fake – and filled with tears
From cheap workers so far away
Work and work – is all they know
Fear – they cannot show
Pain behind the rainbow
That always wanted to be so right

If you go to barcelona
You will see – all the beauty of the world
Smiling faces, music, everywhere
And again – those things that you could buy

So many things – waiting – for you – to get…
But some things – are only dreams…

“Oh, no, you corporate bastard, my soul is not for sale!”


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Soul for sale – Single

Release Date : January 19, 2024
Catalog ref. : Label 7Hard Records ℗© 2024
Format : Digital Download