In an exciting development for both the accomplished music producer and the dynamic band, Marko Vuckovic is set to bring his unparalleled expertise to the forefront as Evolucija’s newest guitarist. With a career spanning over two decades in the music industry, Marko has already left an indelible mark as a certified music producer and mixing engineer.

Marko’s journey with Evolucija began in 2018 when he assumed the role of Live Producer and Front-of-House (FOH) engineer. Now, expanding his involvement with the band, Marko will not only continue to shape their sound from behind the scenes but will also take the stage as a guitarist.

His influence extends beyond the strings, as Marko played a crucial role in the recording of all guitars and contributed to the arrangement and orchestration of key tracks on Evolucija’s upcoming album. This dual role as both a guitarist and producer promises to bring a unique synergy to the band’s sonic landscape.

Fans can anticipate an exciting fusion of Marko’s technical prowess on the guitar and his finely tuned production skills in Evolucija’s live performances. With Marko Vuckovic onboard, the band is poised to deliver a musical experience that seamlessly blends studio precision with the raw energy of live instrumentation.

As the anticipation builds for Evolucija’s upcoming album, Marko Vuckovic’s multifaceted contributions as a guitarist and seasoned producer are sure to redefine the band’s musical journey. Stay tuned for a harmonious collaboration that promises to resonate with fans old and new alike.